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Multiannual research and training programme (Euratom) in the field of radiation protection, 1985-1989

Part of the first Framework Programme (1984-1987) under subactivity 7: "Health and Safety", this programme built on and continued the 1980-1984 programme in the same field.
To improve the conditions of life with respect to safety of work and protection of man and his environment and to assure the safe production of energy from atomic fission and, later, fusion by means of cooperative European efforts to assess radiation risks, improve methods of protection and provide up-to- date information for decision-making.
Ten topics:
- Long distance atmospheric transfer models evaluation;
- Radionuclides in the food chain;
- Epidemiological studies on health effects in the population;
- Radiological aspects of nuclear accident scenarios;
- Derived emergency reference levels data;
- Countermeasures: agricultural/aquatic environment;
- Countermeasures: urban environment;
- Countermeasures: preventive medication;
- Monitoring and surveillance in accidental situations;
- Treatment methodologies of exposed persons.
The Commission, assisted by the Management and Coordination Advisory Committee (CGC) on Radiation Protection, implemented the programme, principally through cost-shared research contracts with national institutions and universities. To a small degree, the Commission's Biology Group at the Ispra establishment was involved.

The Commission supported mobility of research workers in respect of contracting laboratories.

The programme was reviewed during the second year and the result was communicated to the Council and the European Parliament.