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During 2006-2007, the ACE Network proposes to extend and complete the structuring effort started in 2004-2005, in the ACE-1 NoE Project by tackling the fragmented European antenna RandD, reducing duplications and boosting excellence and competitiveness in key areas.

Sophisticated antennas are a strategic multi-application technology for emerging communications, navigation and sensing services for the Information Society, Aeronautics and Space, transport, security, de-mining and tele-medicine. Involving thousand of specialists, European antenna engineering is scattered on more than 200 Entities, with some 200 MEuro of antenna RandD yearly. In this frame, 45 top-level Institutions led the ACE-1 NoE and, with some additions, form the Consortium for the ACE 2006-2007 proposal (ACE-2).

The ACE Network plans a Joint Programme of Activity with: a) horizontal integration by selecting, perfecting and regrouping for Design Software, Measurement Facilities, Teaching of top level courses and worldwide Dissemination. b) vertical integration, fostering university-industry co-operation, focusing research to support Europe's competitiveness in 5 key areas:
- Millimetre wave and integrated antennas
- Small antennas
- Wideband and multiband antennas
- Planar and conformal arrays
- Smart antennas.

At the heart of the Network, a Virtual Antenna Centre of Excellence, will help to:
- Coordinate and manage the Network
- Share software, testing techniques, benchmarks and standards
- Provide a University-Industry RandD forum, aimed at knowledge exchange
- Support a European School on Antennas, with the best courses and on-line education
- Disseminate results and promote the creation of a European Antenna Conference
- Aggregate and consolidate the Antenna Scientific Community.

The ACE Network will significantly contribute to emerging wireless applications, thanks also to synergies created with the other projects in the area.

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