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Scientix 4

Project description

Inquiry-based science education in Europe

The science education community in Europe aims to promote inquiry-based science education (IBSE) in addition to other initiatives. Within this scope, the EU-funded Scientix 4 project will continue the activities implemented by the previous Scientix projects and will launch new initiatives. First, the project will continue collecting and displaying information about European science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects and their results through an internet portal. Then, it will increase professional development activities, enhance community building and establish European partnerships. Finally, a conference will be organised to bring together the STEM teachers' communities.


SCIENTIX IV – The Science Education Community in Europe that promotes Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) and other initiatives at national level (from hereon, Scientix 4) will ensure the continuation and adaptation of the current Scientix III activities and will contribute to the development of national strategies for a wide uptake and dissemination of IBSE and other projects, expanding to cover STE(A)M education practices, which will help educate future citizens in the importance of STE(A)M in society. In particular, Scientix 4 will work on the following five main items:
1) The portal: The portal/internet platform developed under previous Scientix programmes in order to collect and present European STEM education projects and their results will be maintained to ensure permanent searchable access to projects and further dissemination.
2) Professional development: The professional development activities will be continued and increased.
3) Community building: Community building aspects also will be maintained, and the number of face-to-face meetings will be increased. Scientix 4 will also see the expansion of the National Contact Points (NCPs), Ministries of Education through their STEM representatives Working Group (MoE STEM WG) members, and Scientix Teacher Ambassadors.
4) STEAM European partnerships: In light of the current achievements obtained within the previous Scientix activities, and to expand the professional development activities and the community building, Scientix 4 will test the setting up of STEAM European partnerships at national level. These partnerships will develop new approaches for creative and innovative science, technology, engineering and maths teaching and learning opportunities, connected to existing national practices.
5) The conference: The conference bringing together the major STEAM teachers' communities in Europe will be maintained. This event represents one of the major networking events about STEAM education in Europe.



Net EU contribution
€ 2 935 000,00
Rue de treves 61
1040 Bruxelles / brussel

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Other funding
€ 37 000,00

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