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Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together


1st RESET Dissemination and Communication Plan, including links to Zenodo collection, website and dedicated pages on each partner institution website

Lead AUTh all partners D81 will specify the information on the significant events which will be organised by our project the conditions technical details and communication channels used during the development of the dissemination activities The Plan will be updated and published every 6 months KPIs are monitored continuously and formal reports on the activities will be issued at midterm and conclusion of the project The deliverable will report informationtitle date location content on significant events conferences seminars workshops which will be organised by RESET

GIA checklist and protocol in all project languages

Lead UOULU all partners The checklist includes crucial points on inclusion of gender perspective in research as well as issues such as a gender composition of the research team b division of tasks when relevant c gender in relation to the collecting data and its representation in the data d gender as an analysis category or gender as a tool of the data analysis The GIA Protocol includes procedures that the partner organisations will commit to assess new research proposals from gender dimension as an everyday and regular practice of the university

Co-design starter kit

Lead UOULU UBx D92 aims to develop a codesign starter toolkit targeting the needs of each RESET work package early on in the project in line with our trainthetrainers approach The toolkit will be experimented with and developed further during the entire project life

"RESET policy-brief #1"

Lead UBx all partners The RESET project will edit by each reporting period a policybrief dedicated to promoting the progress made on the redesign of excellence policies for equality and diversity

Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) Guidelines

Lead UOULU UBx The guidelines will introduce the idea behind the GIA explain its benefits for high quality research and knowledge production and describe the implementation of the GIA protocol at the University

Letters of nomination for the GE Board

Lead UPORTO all partners D11 consists in 4 letters of nomination of the GEBs one for each implementing partner organisation D11 will list the members of the boards their principles and mission These letters ought to be publicly endorsed

RESET toolbox for gender-neutral, diversity-oriented institutional communication

Lead RUB all partners D54 consists in the design of an institutional RESET toolbox including visual language bias identified in our institutions elements of our own quality standard institutional guidelines readymade templates training content and network good practice recollection to promote gender neutral and diversity in all communication Impact assessment of the adoption and effects of new communication on the communities will be included D54 as part of T54 is an important work based on the identification of needs bias and practices carried out in the preparatory survey in WP1 T12 and immediately to be implemented while launching the GEP design D54 will regularly be updated throughout project life and shared in the GEAR tool

Requirements for the protection of personal data (POPD) - Data management plan

Lead AUTh UBx D96 relates to the publication and dissemination of the 1st version of RESETs data management plan DMP Its content will be regularly revised and presented to the occasion of periodic reporting and updated on the projects open archive on Zenodo and its website

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Work-Life Conflict Among Higher Education Institution Workers' During COVID-19: A Demands-Resources Approach

Author(s): Garraio, C; Freitas, JP; Magalhães, SI; Matias, M
Published in: Frontiers in Sociology, 7, 2022, Page(s) 1-11, ISSN 2297-7775
Publisher: Frontiers in Sociology
DOI: 10.3389/fsoc.2022.856613