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Optimization of APU Exhaust Muffler Thermal Barrier and Air Intakes construction Technologies

Project description

Streamlining the design of auxiliary power unit components in aircraft

The EU-funded CHRZASZCZ project aims to develop new material construction concepts for use in the air intakes and exhaust mufflers of an aircraft’s auxiliary power units. The goal is to meet specific functional requirements related to weight reduction, noise attenuation and thermal and fire protection, design full-scale components and manufacture ground demonstrators. The project's consortium is merging competence from two research institutions and two SMEs that will address the whole spectrum of the material life cycle, from the testing to the design and manufacturing stage, as well as management activities.


The aim of the Clean Sky 2 Topic JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-92 “Optimization of APU Exhaust Muffler Thermal Barrier and Air Intakes construction Technologies” is to develop new materials construction concepts to be used for APU’s Air Intakes and Exhaust Muffler, that will meet specific functional requirements related, among others to weight reduction, noise attenuation, thermal and fire protection and end with a full scale components' design and manufactured ground demonstrators.

CHRZĄSZCZ Consortium is merging experience and capabilities of four different Companies – R&D Centre, University and two SMEs – in order to efficiently realize the Project tasks. To answer the call requirements, a Project path was proposed, comprehensively addressing different development phases, including material build-up proposal definition, testing, design and manufacturing stage as well as management activities. Within the proposal Consortium Partners described the approach addressing the call technical expectations by implementation of novel materials, which integration is going to be carefully designed providing required capabilities of the materials combination and made of it final products. Extensive use of composite structures including CFRP and carbo-ceramic composites as well as novel thermal insulation or ceramic foam use is proposed – the proposal also covers information about the materials and their proposed build-up.

Realisation of the Project shall result in TRL increase of new materials being beneficial in terms of weight decrease, manufacturing cost and time reduction, while the proposed design shall reduce the environmental impact by reducing the noise level.


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€ 412 025,00

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€ 412 025,00

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