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Reshaping labour force participation with Artificial Intelligence

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Shedding light on the jobs and skills of the future

Research regarding the future of work suggests that 30 % of the hours worked globally could be automated by 2030. Focussing on the impact this will have on jobs and skills, the EU-funded AI4LABOUR project aims to predict the types of occupations that will appear in the future and the skills these will require as well as the training needed to gain these skills. To achieve this, the project will design a novel artificial intelligence skill-based model and a skill development methodology. The project's work will create the foundation for a web portal that links role, skill and learning recommendations for all actors.


In the last decade, due to the tremendous progress of computing power, a new era which is called Industry 4.0 has been triggered. This new revolutionary progress in manufacturing systems will also create a huge impact on the socio-economic dynamics of society. Moreover, very recent pandemic conditions caused by COVID19 disease show that the modern labor force highly sensitive to the conditions and they are subject to change. Technologies based on data processing are changing not only the manufacturing standards but also the daily life of the people. Given that studies on future of work mentioned the possibility of automation of 30 percent of global working hours by 2030, it is important to take into account that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can take on the monotonous and repetitive aspects of works that are done by humans when some jobs will be automated. This may ensure focusing on more strategic or more analytical works. To offer a solution to this problem, this project proposal entitled “Reshaping labor force participation with Artificial Intelligence-AI4LABOUR” aims to predict which kind of new occupations will appear in near future and which kind of skills will be needed to get these new occupations. This can be achieved in this project in cooperation with different disciplines and sectors and in this way; the collaboration between different disciplines and sectors improve the impact of AI4LABOUR. Shortly, in the context of AI4LABOUR, required training to obtain these required skills would also be designed and planned. To achieve this goal, an innovative skill-based modeling and skill development methodology armed with AI techniques will be designed for the labor force. This novel methodology will be the building block of a web portal, which will serve as a recommendation tool for all actors - individuals, companies, institutions, and policymakers.


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