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Independent test of the battery health in electric vehicles

Project description

New battery testing system for electric cars

The market for used electric vehicles (EV) is expanding rapidly. Potential buyers, however, cannot check the exact status of the car's battery. Current battery testing solutions are very expensive, unreliable, or they are dependent on other processes. The EU-funded AVILOO bcheck project proposes the only existing independent and reliable battery testing system. The application delivers precise information on the actual status of any battery in any EV during a simple test driving. AVILOO bcheck will also allow the extension of the battery life cycle and permit the use of batteries that are not qualified for EVs anymore. The project will further develop, validate and demonstrate the product, supporting the transition to sustainable and smart mobility and contributing to the Green Deal goals.


Batteries are subject to degradation over time, which results in a decrease in available power and range of electric vehicles (EV).When buying a used electric car, it is therefore of great importance for buyers and sellers to know the exact state-of-health of the battery as this determines its value to a high degree. AVILOO developed the only existing independent, trustworthy and objective battery testing system for electric vehicles. The AVILOO b:check will bring evidence for the quality of batteries in used electric cars. The b:check is a radically new, breakthrough product opening new markets with the potential for rapid growth. AVILOO’s b:check will enable an independent and reliable battery check to receive an exact report on the actual state-of-health of any battery in any electric vehicle. The AVILOO b:check is applied during a simple test drive and therefore provides an exact result of the SOH. Current solutions are either commercially inefficient because extremely expensive, not accurate or not at all independent. The AVILOO b:check project focuses on the further development and market uptake of the AVILOO products and services. The objectives will be reached by continuous developing, optimizing, testing, demonstrating, and validating the AVILOO products and services. AVILOO will contribute to the plans and measures set by the European Union on tackling climate and environmental-related challenges within the Green Deal. AVILOO‘s b:check supports the acceleration of the shift to sustainable and smart mobility and a zero-pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment. AVILOO's b:check paves the way to avoid CO2 emissions by (1) inducing an extension of the lifespan of batteries used in EVs and by (2) allowing a so called second life usage for batteries not suitable for EVs any more. AVILOO's management team has extensive experience in building, managing, and growing international businesses.

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