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Pipes.One - Technology for Onsite 3D Welding Production of Lengthy Large Diameter Polymer Pipes with Cellular Walls

Project description

Innovative production of large-diameter pipes

The demand for large-diameter plastic pipes is rising worldwide due to their unique physical features that permit their use in a range of applications. However, obstacles facing both construction and production companies, such as inefficient use of raw materials, low productivity of equipment, significant capital expenditures and high transportation and installation costs, prevent further development of their market. The EU-funded Pipes.One project presents an advanced technology for mobile 3D welding production of polyethylene pipes that allows the onsite production of large-diameter pipes with cellular walls. The solution is expected to increase productivity, limit associated costs and improve performance across the entire value chain.


Large-diameter pipes are becoming a vital part of global infrastructure due to its unique physical characteristics and a wide range of application areas. The world consumption of large-diameter plastic pipes is booming. However, further development of the large-diameter plastic pipes market is constrained by obsolete production technologies, resulting in a myriad pain-points for both pipes producers and construction companies. For pipes manufacturers, the production process is accompanied by the inefficient use of raw materials, low productivity of equipment, and significant capital expenditures, while pipes construction companies face high transportation and installation costs. Dominion developed and patented a unique solution for the onsite production of large-diameter polymer pipes in an advanced way, which is set to disrupt the existing market. Pipes.One is a cutting edge technology for mobile 3D welding production of polyethylene pipes – a solution enabling to produce large-diameter pipes with cellular walls straight at the place of laying. The solution aims to provide groundbreaking characteristics: increased productivity, twice reduced raw material use, fivefold reduced cost of transportation, and tenfold reduction of installation costs, thus, improving performance throughout the whole value chain. Further, to ensure successful commercialization, in the EIC Accelerator project Dominion intends to finalize the mobile trailer solution for serial production and pilot it with one of the largest pipes producing company in Europe.

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