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Bringing AI Planning to the European AI On-Demand Platform

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Practical artificial intelligence planning for practitioners and SMEs

Automated planning is a decision-making technology for deciding how and when to act to achieve a desired objective. Planning has many application areas needing automated and optimal decisions, such as robotics or logistics. Despite being a mature technology, several obstacles hinder its adoption: it is hard for practitioners to identify the right technique, there are no shared industrial standards, and planning expertise is hard to acquire. The EU-funded AIPlan4EU project is a programme to make automated planning accessible for innovators and professionals throughout Europe. The project encompasses several use-cases in diverse domains, and will create a framework for automated planning integrated in the European AI On-Demand (AI4EU) Platform to suit the demands of users across Europe.


Automated Planning and Scheduling is a central research area in AI that has been studied since the inception of the field and where European research has been making strong contributions over decades. Planning is a decision-making technology that consists in reasoning on a predictive model of a system being controlled and deciding how and when to act in order to achieve a desired objective. It is a relevant technology for many application areas that need quick, automated and optimal decisions, like agile manufacturing, agrifood or logistics. Although there is a wealth of techniques that are mature in terms of science and systems, several obstacles hinder their adoption, thus preventing them from making the footprint on European industry that they should make. For example, it is hard for practitioners to find the right techniques for a given planning problem, there are no shared standards to use them, and there is no easy access to expertise on how to encode domain knowledge into a planner.
The AIPlan4EU project will bring AI planning as a first-class citizen in the European AI On-Demand (AI4EU) Platform by developing a uniform, user-centered framework to access the existing planning technology and by devising concrete guidelines for innovators and practitioners on how to use this technology. To do so, we will consider use-cases from diverse application areas that will drive the design and the development of the framework, and include several available planning systems as engines that can be selected to solve practical problems. We will develop a general and planner-agnostic API that will both be served by the AI4EU platform and be available as a resource to be integrated into the users' systems. The framework will be validated on use-cases both from within the consortium and recruited by means of cascade funding; moreover, standard interfaces between the framework and common industrial technologies will be developed and made available.

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