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Autonomous Robotics for Transcatheter dEliveRy sYstems

Project description

AI robotic catheters for cardiovascular operations

Cardiovascular diseases constitute a major health threat worldwide, often necessitating life-saving surgical interventions. Minimally invasive catheter-based procedures are gaining ground as they offer certain advantages including reduction of operation-associated risks. The EU-funded ARTERY project proposes to develop robotic catheters powered with AI algorithms to autonomously find their way towards the target site. The ARTERY system operates without radiation and uses echocardiography as well as optical and electromagnetic sensing techniques to provide a holographic view of the cardiovascular space. This gives the impression of being inside the patient's heart. The novel technology will be translated to the clinic upon the project's completion.


Cardiovascular diseases are the single most common cause of death in Europe and worldwide. Minimally invasive catheter-based approaches gain in importance as they extend treatment to patients with high peri-operative risks. Today, catheter-based treatment comes with steep learning curves, poor ergonomics and exposure to damaging radiation. The ARTERY project offers a radiation-free approach based on shared-autonomy robotic catheters, with increased user engagement and easy interaction. Echocardiography, optical and electromagnetic sensing techniques provide a superior view upon the cardiovascular space. Fluidic actuation paired with artificial intelligence form the motors of the next generation of robotic catheters that autonomously find their way towards the target site. The interventionist is fully immersed in the surgical field. Key landmarks automatically highlighted in the holographic display give the impression of being teleported right inside the patient’s anatomy. Variable-autonomy schemes allow the interventionist to take over control at any instant. Artificial intelligence algorithms turn catheter navigation to a simple task as the autonomous catheters maneuver their distal portion to align to where the interventionist points his/her finger. ARTERY showcases this new paradigm on mitral valve repair and left appendage closure, two complex yet critical life-saving interventions. Clinicians and company partners are ready to take over the technology developed in ARTERY and translate it to the clinic right after the project.

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