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Transforming Open Responsible Research and Innovation through CHARM

Project description

A Common and Transformative Agenda for Responsible Research and Innovation

The Erasmus+ project CHARM-EU (launched in 2019 to boost student and staff mobility, and improve quality, inclusiveness and competitiveness of the Higher Education landscape) aims for a challenge-driven university aligned with the European values and the SDGs. The EU-funded TORCH project builds on CHARM-EU’s research and innovation dimension by developing a common research and innovation agenda focused on accelerating processes of institutional change, enhancing gender equality in research and innovation policies and supporting citizen science via three main thematic areas: food, water, life and health; biodiversity, environment, climate change; (in)equality, economic growth and governance. The project operates on responsible research and innovation and Open Science principles and promotes transdisciplinary and intercultural approaches through cooperation and engagement with other sectors.


European Universities need to strategically rethink and contribute to define the role of Europe in the 21st century when the Planet faces unprecedented global challenges. Our future depends on our capacity to Reconcile Humanity with the Planet and, for this, we need a transformative European research and educational experience. The future CHARM-EU R&I dimension will promote a challenge-driven transformative agenda with a transdisciplinary and intercultural vision laying its foundation in 3 cross cutting principles of Responsible R&I: Interdisciplinarity/Transdisciplinarity, Gendered innovation, and Ethics and Integrity; and on 4 transformational modules: establishing a common R&I agenda and action plan; reinforcing cooperation with non-academic actors; mainstreaming of comprehensive Open Science practices; and involvement of citizens, civil society and public/cities authorities in R&I.
The TORCH project will help CHARM-EU to become a complete European University by enhancing the academic and research networks already started with the Erasmus+ Project. The TORCH proposal will drive impact at three different levels: alliance level, institutional level and societal level, with priorities in accelerating and catalysing processes of institutional change, in stepping up the support to Gender Equality in R&I policy and in exploring and supporting citizen science.
The future R&I dimension, based in three interconnected stages, represents three open questions: What, How and With Whom. The What focus on the challenges at which CHARM-EU will drive its efforts. Three thematic areas, related with the SDGs, have been proposed as a start aligned with the learning areas identified for the CHARM-EU pilot. The How is the approach to these challenges, CHARM-EU will build its R&I upon the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation and Open Science. Finally, the With Whom will foster transdisciplinary and interculturality through Cooperation and Engagement with other sectors.



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