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Innovation Networks for Scaling Active and Healthy Ageing


Data Governance Guidelines

A public document defining the data governance practices to support scaling process Guidelines will be added to the general roadmap supporting the implementation of the Scalingup Model

Living Lab testing and innovation scale-up playbook

Living Lab testing and innovation scaleup playbook

Recommendations on public-private collaboration

A public factsheet with references to best practices available in Europe for publicprivate collaboration

Policy recommendations

A public report and factsheet directed to project target groups in support of policy developments and presented in the Final Conference

Mapping of accessibility and adoption of services and products

Mapping of accessibility and adoption of services and products

AHA innovation assessment framework

PRA M12 Description report of AHA assessment framework The report includes a set of practical measures including qualitative and quantitative indicators that address the key domains and efficiency to be included in the roadmap

Twinning activity report

Twinning activity report UPO M22

Innovation scale-up model and roadmap

A confidential document providing a stakeholder roadmap for the uptake of innovation across European health and care systems

Long-term investment plan

A roadmap with recommendationssolutions for increasing investments into active and healthy ageing solutions across Europe

Investment implementation report

A report about activities done within T63

Participatory design process principles

A public report about standards and written principles addressing the participatory design process and the specific needs of innovation upscale process in the health and care sector based on existing materials and guidelines

Evaluation toolbox

A set of practical instruments to guide the network actors in setting relevant metrics in the scaling process and conducting impact evaluation This set will include protocols and instruments for the utilisation of the TEIT The Evidence Integration Triangle in to support the scalingup process of innovative solutionsservices including a participatory protocol with instruments for designing implementing and evaluating innovative solutions together with stakeholders The toolbox formulates overarching methodological and analytical approach for conducting impact evaluation This toolbox will be integrated into the roadmap

Investment readiness assessment

A report including an overview of investment readiness terms related to the sector analysis of public and private funding opportunities available for health and care providers a selfassessment of investment readiness and a sectorspecific checklist for funding innovation

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