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Innovation Networks for Scaling Active and Healthy Ageing

Project description

Promoting active and healthy ageing through international collaboration

As time advances, ageing becomes an unavoidable fact of life. Advances in healthcare help people live active, healthy lives well into old age. However, improvements can always be made to further aid the quality of life of senior citizens. The EU-funded IN-4-AHA project aims to develop a framework that will help build international networks between local governments, healthcare providers and suppliers, allowing access to healthcare solutions and promoting active and healthy ageing. The goal is to enable innovation in healthcare by addressing national and international barriers while enhancing the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) ecosystem. EIP AHA brings together EU-funded projects and other initiatives that promote well-being in older age.


The project focuses on the engagements of existing and needed mechanisms to empower the EIP on AHA ecosystem and the cross-border scale-up of tested and ready-to-use applications towards healthcare. Project brings together supply and demand actors to create sustainable model for innovation scale-up, its integration with stakeholders and the needs for systemic change. Service providers as start-ups, SME-s and large industries need the support of ecosystem, incl. health clusters. Demand actors as health care institutions, health centres, local governments are responsible for service provision to ageing communities and elders. Well-designed cooperation mechanisms in frame of agreed model facilitate regular exchanges between the demand and supply sides as well as whole network, enable to identify the barriers and improve the innovation process in local as well EU level, incl. cross-border deployment of innovations. The role of the policy and whole ecosystem is to encourage innovators to step up with user-centred strategies and transformative solutions. This may lead to the need for change in ecosystem operations to gain the success with mHealth solutions for AHA, more smart age-friendly homes for longer independent living or chronic disease management. Our goal is to identify and support the most important innovation ecosystem elements and encourage the relations between functioning actors by addressing the challenges of innovators in market uptake, and expansion in the domestic and cross-border markets. To reach wider commitment to investment, leading to successful and cost-effective implementation of digitally-enabled, person-centred care solutions, co-creation among policy and ecosystem actors towards long-term investment strategy for more investments into cost-effective digitally-enabling healthcare solutions, is needed. Administrative capacity of regional authorities to support innovation through strict and clear procedures should correspond to supply and demand.

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