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Language learning in adults with sight loss: the acquisition of phonetic features


Thirty million Europeans with sight loss are challenged to access the everyday goods and services that most people take
for granted. Our project will contribute to the implementation of more accessible services for individuals with sight loss, in
particular in the field of second language learning. Indeed, despite the development of some language learning web
applications specially designed for learners with sight loss, most of the learning methods are still not accessible to them. The
objective of our project is to get a better understanding of the acquisition of a second language by learners with sight loss, in
order to provide teaching material suitable for them. Our project is original and innovative in three ways. First, it focuses on
the acquisition of phonetic features, which, despite its importance in communication and social interactions, are often
forgotten in second language classrooms. Second, little is known about the second language learning processes in
individuals with sight loss. The present project constitutes the first attempt at examining the processing of second language
phonetic information by learners with sight loss. Finally, our project will provide a framework for the development of
accessible L2 teaching materials for learners with sight loss, which will guarantee their rights to equal access for learning
foreign languages as recommended by the European Accessibility Act.



Net EU contribution
€ 160 932,48
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