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European Mercenaries in the Dutch Empire. A Connected History of Continental Europe and Colonial Indonesia, c. 1800—1900

Project description

A closer look at the Dutch Colonial Army

Throughout history, the Netherlands depended on non-European resources and manpower to build and run their far-flung island empire in Southeast Asia. Non-Dutch soldiers comprised nearly half of the Europeans employed by the Dutch Colonial Army in the 19th and 20th centuries. The EU-funded EuMeDE project will study how the Dutch managed to recruit some 70 000 European foreigners into their colonial army. It will shed light on how these men helped build the Dutch Empire. Studying biographies of 175 000 European soldiers and mercenaries in the Dutch Colonial Army, the project will uncover ‘forgotten’ details about the historical connections between Indonesia (a Dutch colony until 1945) and vast parts of western and central Europe.


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