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European City Calculator: Prospective modelling tool supporting public authorities in reaching climate neutrality

Project description

Prospective modelling web tool for climate neutrality

Many European cities have committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050 or earlier. However, only a few of them have managed to develop and implement strategies with tangible decarbonisation pathways. Consequently, cities need tools, information and skills in transitioning towards climate neutrality. The EU-funded EUCITYCALC project will support public authorities in planning towards climate neutrality with the open-source prospective modelling method of the European City Calculator (ECC) web tool. The ECC will provide cities with a sectoral outlook on the type and ambition of tailored measures and policy scenarios to be adopted. The project will support 10 EU pilot cities through peer-to-peer learning, a multifaceted capacity building and training programme, and local stakeholder engagement.


In order for Europe’s transition towards climate neutrality to succeed, cities need to be in the driving seat. European cities are at the forefront in addressing climate change, with many having committed to develop and implement SEAPs/SECAPs through initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors. Many cities have also committed to become climate-neutral by 2050 or even earlier. Yet, despite ambitious short- and long-term commitments, only few cities have managed to translate plans into concrete implementation strategies with tangible decarbonisation pathways. In transitioning towards climate neutrality, cities have to overcome complex challenges that cannot be tackled with a business-as-usual approach. For this, cities need to be equipped with tools, information and skills that empower them to become local transition leaders.
This is where EUCityCalc comes into play. Its objective is to support public authorities in planning towards climate neutrality through the prospective modelling approach of the European City Calculator webtool. The European City Calculator is an open-source, prospective modelling tool providing cities with a sectoral outlook on the type and ambition of measures they can take to achieve a transition towards climate neutrality. As a flexible model adapted to territorial specificities and reflecting the city governance, it supports cities in designing tailored transition pathways and policy scenarios.
With the webtool at its core, EUCityCalc will support 10 pilot cities - Riga, Dijon Métropole, Mantova, Zdar, Palmela, Sesimbra, Setubal, Koprivnica, Varazdin, Virovitica - in developing and implementing scientifically robust, detailed and integrated pathways and scenarios towards climate neutrality. Through peer-to-peer learning, a multifaceted capacity-building and training programme and the engagement of local stakeholders in expert working groups, EUCityCalc will empower cities in devising a clear and concrete roadmap towards climate neutrality.

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