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Advances foR nExt generaTion tHz Applications


The terahertz frequency band attracted strong research interest over the last few years and it is proclaimed as an ideal solution for accommodating the escalating needs of the envisioned applications in the fourth industrial revolution era. The implementation of efficient and affordable integrated hardware components and systems able to provide solid performance in this frequency range requires the solution of many technical and scientific challenges.
On account of this, the main target of this proposal is to provide a holistic approach that will enhance and optimize the foundations of the development of these building blocks, starting from the underlying advanced semiconductor and IC packaging technology platforms that offer the basis for the implementation of THz IC designs.
The project approach is multidisciplinary applying novel ideas and the latest achievements in material science to the engineering of custom silicon-based IC designs in the THz regime. In some cases, the researcher Dr. Mitronika intends to design new components and include them in a dedicated library to assess the IC design and in others, to evaluate, improve and propose new thin film technologies that improve the total chip performance. Accordingly, our work will deal with two major objectives based on which a complete THz hardware design platform will be proposed as a practically feasible solution.
The first objective is to enhance the required process design kit with a set of scalable microwave elements, adequate for THz IC design. The second objective is to explore the implementation of microwave passive components in the IC packaging technology and propose modifications to the thin film technologies.
A successful elaboration of our holistic approach will enable the THz infrastructure evolution that will affect the advancements in the next generation of communication systems (6G) but also in biomedical and sensing applications.

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