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Novel, high-throughput compatible dry transfer approach to enable high performance, suspended CVD 2D material heterostructure electronic devices and their applications


Ultra-fast computation, lower power consumption and novel electronic device concepts – these are three primary advantages for a hybrid integration of two-dimensional (2D) materials with existing CMOS technologies. Stacking of semiconducting and insulating 2D materials has been proven to offer state-of-the-art performance metrics that exceed the current standards set by 3D materials. Novel, high-throughput techniques to realize ultra-clean, dry-transferred 2D material heterostructures are highly sought-after to enable the paradigm shift in advanced material technologies.

In this proposal ‘dryhetero’, we propose a novel approach to realize suspended 2D material heterostructures. Our approach is a unique, high-yield, nanostructure assembly solution that offers high-throughput compatibility and allows for the fabrication of clean, 2D material heterostructures to enable high performance metric 2D material electronic devices and sensors. In a two-step process, first, we perform patterning of as-grown 2D material growth substrates and suspension of 2D materials. Second, the suspended 2D material films are transferred onto receiving electrodes – completing the dry transfer of the 2D material. Repeating the transfer process with other 2D materials allows for the formation of 2D material heterostructures for low scale integrated electronic devices, such as sensors. Our two-step approach facilitates advanced, integrated process control of 2D materials using Raman spectroscopy and functional testing & calibration pre/post the dry transfer process.

We identify this proposal strategically positioned within the current work programme’s focus area on ‘digitising and transforming European industry and services’. We foresee the proposal to benefit the European unions’ focus area on ‘nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and processing & biotechnology’ (LEIT-NMBP).

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