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The Role of free Extracellular DNA in determining The Environmental Antibiotic Resistome

Project description

The utility of eDNA for the spread of antibiotic resistance

Research and innovation bring about massive changes to various sectors and are usually in high demand. One example might be the case of the use of free extracellular DNA (eDNA). This is neglected genetic material that has been dissolved in waters or soils after being excreted by microorganisms because of the lysis of their cells. This DNA can often make up a significant percentage of DNA in disturbed waters and is usually composed of fragments with mobile genetic elements and resistance genes. The EU-funded REDTEAR project will undertake an in-depth study to improve our understanding of the composition and dynamics of the antibiotic resistome in aquatic environments. It will identify this process and clarify the purpose of this DNA.


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€ 183 473,28