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NOn-contact STRucturAl DAMage for fUture Safety and lightweight


The decarbonisation of transport requires the design of lighter components for electric vehicles. To ensure that new components meet safety requirements in terms of their susceptibility to vibration fatigue (VF) and to facilitate shorter development times, a new VF identification tool is required. Nostradamus aims to deliver tool that will enable fast and non-contact damage identification caused by VF using the High-speed (HS) camera. Optimisation of digital replicas of the actual products (digital twins) will become easier, to deliver of Safer, Lightweight, Green and Quiet (SLGQ) products.
The primary objective is to develop a new method called the Optical vibration fatigue damage identification (OptiViFa). It will enable close to real-time identification of fatigue damage with high spatial density. This will be possible with a ground-breaking extension of the recent scientific progress in HS camera measurements and modal-domain VF. The research objectives are to: 1) identify material strain with a HS camera; this will be achieved through developing a new method for identification of strain mode-shapes using HS camera measurements. 2) Develop OptiViFa for VF identification; this will be achieved through experimental verification in the laboratory and industry via a secondment with a research and development SME within the car industry. 3) Implement OptiViFa as an open-source Python package, enabling other researchers to use and further develop the new methods from the on-line repository.
The training and development component of this fellowship will position the fellow at the forefront of research in HS image processing, and vibration fatigue. The inter-sectorial secondment will provide understanding of the crucial relationship between academic research and industry. The results will be open-science and open-source.
Finally, the proposal results will help EU industry in developing SLGQ products and citizens of the EU to have a safer, greener and quieter lifestyle.

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