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Mimicking the dynamic and complex ECM: designing bioprinted immune-instructive hydrogels

Project description

Bioprinting: the future of transplantation

Tissue bioprinting is a novel technology that uses biomaterials to produce constructs for potential clinical use. This approach is expected in the future to address the shortage of donor tissues and organs needed to treat many chronic diseases. INKspired is an EU-funded initiative that will advance bioprinting by developing bioinks based on the extracellular matrix that also combine the capacity to modulate the immune response. This will help recreate the native complexity of tissues more accurately and improve the mechanical and biological properties of printed constructs. Importantly, it will bring bioprinting one step closer to generating implantable living tissues.


Net EU contribution
€ 175 572,48
Minderbroedersberg 4
6200 MD Maastricht

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Limburg (NL) Zuid-Limburg
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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