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Plastic upcycling for sustainable new generation batteries


The plastic waste into the environment is a global problem which is raising concern among the population. Although there are many approaches for recycling plastics, chemical recycling is now seen as one of the most promising technologies in that it allows plastic waste to become high valuable products. Bisphenol A polycarbonate (BPC) is a common thermoplastic employed in optical devices, automobile, technologies, largely because of its mechanical properties. The chemical recycling of BPC is a carbonyl reservoir for the synthesis of carbonyl compounds, with some of these reactions considered as upcycling methods because of the high value of the products. In REPLAXTIC EF-SE, “Plastic Upcycling for sustainable new generation batteries”, polycarbonate plastic waste will be transformed into added value electrolytes to power sustainable lithium ion batteries, The design of the materials will start from the catalytic depolymerization of BPC using sur measure diols, bearing e.g. anionic, oxygen rich or crosslinkable groups which can boost chemical and physical performances. This pathway will enable to have a first class of liquid electrolyte that can be further polymerized to create safe solid electrolytes for future lithium batteries.
The fellow Dr. Daniele Mantione has a solid international experience in organic and polymer chemistry with an impressive track record of scientific publications and prizes. The project is going to combine the chemistry expertise of Dr. Daniele Mantione with the entrepreneurial spirit and depolymerization expertise of the start-up POLYKEY. The planned secondment to Australia will ally one of the best world-knowledge about electromaterials of Prof. Forsyth to push the real application of the disruptive upcycled products. The training in materials for energy and entrepreneurship combined with his previous expertise will equip the fellow with unique skills and increase his attractiveness in the European job market.

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