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Reciprocal interactions between hypogonadism and epigenetic modifications: A path for the development of personalized treatments for depression

Project description

Hypogonadism and epigenetics – role in depression

Hypogonadism, the decrease in the production of gonadal hormones due to ageing or other medical reasons, has been associated with an increased risk of mood disorders like depression. Accumulating evidence suggests that epigenetic changes due to stress or other environmental factors can also lead to depression. However, reciprocal interactions between hypogonadism, stress, epigenetic modifications, and depression remain understudied. The EU-funded EstroGen project will apply an interdisciplinary method to investigate the combinatorial effect of hypogonadism/stress on the epigenome and its role in depression. The project will use preclinical models to identify new connections between hypogonadism and epigenetic modifications and hypogonadism-related epigenetic biomarkers to predict the subsequent development of depression.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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