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International PhD Programme for Medical Doctors


Addressing the increased need for innovative solutions in medicine and healthcare, as we are witnessing during the current worldwide pandemic, requires more than ever the rise of the unique professional profile of physician-scientists, combining cutting-edge research and technology with medicine. There are several MDPhD programmes in European countries and institutions, but there is none Europe-wide. The EMERALD International Doctoral Programme aims to nurture excellent physician-scientists to advance research, personalised medicine and health care in Europe. Following fair, merit-based, and inclusive recruitment, the programme will hire 24 medical doctors to carry out a PhD in cutting-edge research in seven European centres of excellence in life sciences and biomedicine. The EMERALD fellows will experience mobility across laboratories, sectors and countries, and they will benefit from international, stimulating and creative environments, advanced training, career development and mentoring programmes, and access to high-end technologies and facilities. Importantly, they will benefit from the advanced training on the latest technologies, digital skills, open science and innovation, and from the mentoring provided by the EMERALD programme, with the opportunity to build valuable international networks with different actors in academia, hospitals, industry, patients´ organisations and NGOs. EMERALD counts on the impressive support and collaboration of 37 partner organisations from 10 European countries. The trained physician-scientists will be equipped with skills and knowledge to tackle relevant clinical and research questions, bridging the gap between laboratory research and caring of patients, and ultimately pursuing new approaches to diagnose and treat human diseases.

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Funding Scheme

MSCA-COFUND-DP - Doctoral programmes


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