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IST-BRIDGE: International postdoctoral program


The IST-BRIDGE program will host 60 fellows across the life sciences, mathematics and computer science, and the physical sciences recruited over 5 globally advertised calls. BRIDGE fellows will receive a 2 year contract, with an additional (fellow option) 6 month secondment phase.

IST-BRIDGE will be hosted by IST Austria and embedded into the BRIDGE network, where BRIDGE stands for Basic Research Institutions Delivering Graduate Education, bringing together five of the 2019 Nature Index Top 10 research institutions worldwide. This network will help the program to achieve visibility and provide secondment options on a global scale, thus benefiting the ERA.

IST-BRIDGE will provide researchers in basic science a unique opportunity to bridge their training and/or experience gap. Fellows will be enrolled in a Career Development Program, which is structured in four profiled tracks, a combination of desired career goals and concrete professional options. It will provide experienced researchers with the necessary information, tools, and opportunities to make informed career decisions.

Fellows have the option to consolidate skills acquired through the Career Development Program through a broad secondment scheme consisting of 1) global academic secondments at BRIDGE network partners, 2) intersectoral secondments, and 3) intrasectoral placements within IST Austria. Fellows will be provided with the framework (flexible agreements, existing partner networks, IST Austria Alumni Initiative) and experienced support services (Tech Transfer Office, HR, Grant Office) to facilitate fellow-driven (i.e. bottom-up), dynamic interaction with actors from other fields and sectors and to develop sustainable partnerships and their own scientific and professional network.

Call for proposal

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Am Campus 1
3400 Klosterneuburg
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 4 597 500