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The neuroscience of human tickle perception

Project description

Investigating ‘ticklishness,’ one of the greatest neuroscience enigmas

Numerous studies have elucidated the structure and function of the human somatosensory system from sensory receptors up to perception. However, we are largely in the dark about what makes a touch ticklish, why humans are ticklish, why some body areas are more ticklish than others and why we cannot ‘self-tickle.’ The EU-funded TICKLISHUMAN project aims to answer these questions and more through a multidisciplinary approach harnessing haptic technology, somatosensory psychophysics, neuroimaging data, brain stimulation and advanced statistical modelling techniques. The knowledge derived could help add to the repertoire of biomarkers for mental disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 499 938,00
Placa De La Merce, 10-12
08002 Barcelona

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Este Cataluña Barcelona
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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