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Emerging pests and pathogens as a novel lens for unravelling social-ecological cascades

Project description

Exploring how emerging pests and pathogens disrupt human society

As people expand land use, emerging pests and pathogens (EPPs) are more likely to come into first contact with human habitats. Human trade and travel networks are making it easier for EPPs to emerge in new regions. Also, human technology, such as biocidal agents, increases the risks for re-emergence. In this context, the EU-funded INFLUX project will explore how EPPs cascade across scales in the social ecological system. However, there is no formal approach for analysing the ripple effects at scale. INFLUX will fill this gap in sustainability science for society. The project will carry out a mixed-methods research design to assemble a large database for up to 1 600 EPPs, including microbial pathogens as well as arthropod and plant pests.


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