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MSCA fostering balanced mobility flows in Europe

Project description

Bringing attention to issues researchers have with return migration and reintegration

As part of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the EU-funded MSCA2021SI project organised the ‘MSCA Fostering Balanced Mobility Flows in Europe’ conference on 15–16 November 2021 to boost the role of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) programme in meeting the new European Research Area (ERA) aims. Strengthening researcher mobility is at the core of the ERA. The 2-day event addressed the unbalanced mobility flows of various MSCA stakeholders and researchers. These are a major challenge for the 27 EU Member States and also play a key role in the EU’s research and innovation gap.


The conference will aim to strengthen the impact of the MSCA programme in achieving the goals of the New ERA and will address the unbalanced mobility flows that still represents a major challenge for Member States and contributes to the research and innovation divide within the EU. Return migration and reintegration processes of MSCA researchers after the end of their project to the countries of origin will be the main topic of the conference.

At the conference, we will discuss and elaborate the multidimensional MSCA talents mobility flows among various MSCA stakeholders, including researchers. We will focus on the diversity of mobility flows and the different aspects and effects of MSCA return mobility and reintegration processes in countries of origin to achieve well-balanced mobility flows. The first objective is to raise awareness of the importance of return mobility and reintegration processes in order to strengthen the balanced mobility flows of MSCA researchers. The second objective is to show the examples of existing good practices as well as barriers, instruments, and policies to promote the return migration and reintegration processes of MSCA fellows after the end of their project. The conference will be a venue for MSCA researchers and stakeholders to share, discuss and elaborate on their experiences, challenges and proposals. The third objective is to provide recommendations for the implementation of MSCA return migration and reintegration tools and policies at EU, Member State, research organisation and individual levels.

In line with the conference programme, our discussions will focus on the importance of additional measures taken by Member States to create targeted training and career opportunities for researchers, to improve working conditions and the working environment, to support investment in human capital, scientific and technological infrastructures to attract researchers back after their fellowships.


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