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Constraints on Non-Equilibrium fluctuations

Project description

Non-equilibrium fluctuations: periodic driving in classical and quantum systems

Most phenomena in everyday systems are not in equilibrium. In addition, driving classical and quantum systems initially in equilibrium with periodic input can significantly alter long-term dynamics and induce the emergence of exotic states and behaviours. Understanding non equilibrium behaviours of periodically driven systems will lead to effective control with numerous applications. However, much less is known about non-equilibrium fluctuations in both classical and quantum mechanical systems. With the support of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions programme, the ConNEqtions project will derive new and rigorous analytical results on the statistics of fluctuating observables in non-equilibrium processes. This will lead to the derivation of new thermodynamic uncertainty relations in quantum systems with periodic driving.


Net EU contribution
€ 195 914,88
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06100 Nice

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