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Constraints on Non-Equilibrium fluctuations


"Equilibrium statistical mechanics has provided a suitable setting to explain the thermodynamic behavior of macroscopic physical systems. Instead, much less is known about systems out of equilibrium that contribute to the vast majority of phenomena people experience everyday. In this project, ""Constraints on Non-Equilibrium fluctuations"" (ConNEqtions), we aim at deriving new and rigorous analytical results on the statistics of fluctuating observables in non-equilibrium processes. In particular, the emphasis will be on the thorough analysis of classical and quantum periodically driven systems, that constitute a timely and active topic of research. The first objective of the project is the generalization to periodically-driven Markov processes of the symmetry-induced fluctuation relations studied by the Researcher and his collaborators. The second objective is the generalization to the quantum domain of important results about level 2.5 large deviations, already established for classical time-periodic Markov chains. This in turn will lead to the derivation of new thermodynamic uncertainty relations in quantum systems with periodic driving. The project is built as an interdisciplinary effort, combining the physical background of the Researcher with the mathematical expertise of the Supervisor."


Net EU contribution
€ 195 914,88
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06100 Nice

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