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Supporting the smes sUstainaibility and REsilience transition towards industry 5.0 in the mobility, transport & automotive, aerospace and electronics European ecosystems

Project description

Supporting SMEs to integrate Industry 5.0 principles

Europe is moving toward a more digitised society and economy in view of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has changed the way we live and do business, creating value opportunities through new services and new forms of employment. In this context, the EU-funded SURE 5.0 project will support European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the digitalisation of production processes and the use of advanced technologies. The aim is to pave the way for Industry 5.0: sustainability, resilience and human centricity. Bringing together 11 partners from 8 countries (Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Austria) the project will support SMEs in 3 sectors: mobility and transport, aerospace and defence, and electronics. In total, 1 000 SMEs will be involved in the project activities.


The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and several successive periods of lockdown demonstrated the fragility of traditional economic sectors, particularly in manufacturing. At the same time, the crisis provided a springboard for the most advanced technology companies, mostly based in the US and China, to open up new markets.

The objective of the SURE 5.0 project is to support European SMEs seeking to take advantage of the opportunities brought by the 4th industrial revolution, namely: the digitalisation of production processes and the use of advanced technologies, while fostering the key principles of Industry 5.0: human centricity, sustainability and resilience.

SURE 5.0 covers three strategic ecosystems for the European Union: (i) Mobility, Transport & Automation (ii) Aerospace & Defence, and (iii) Electronics. The project will enable SMEs in these three ecosystems to receive assessments, recommendations, training, tailored services and financial support to implement Industry 5.0 principles that will ultimately provide them a competitive edge. Selected SMEs will be invited to join the SURE 5.0 Community of Practice Alliance. Led by the members of the consortium, this Community will promote peer-learning exchanges between members and with external organisations leaders.

The consortium is composed of 5 clusters (AV, CEAGA, SAC, ANFIA, CORALLIA) representing more than 1000 SMEs, 3 RTOs (FhG, AIMEN, TALTECH) with an outstanding expertise in supporting companies on technological issues, INIZIATIVA a consulting company specialised in the elaboration of innovative and sustainable business models, F6S a company expert in EU cascade funding projects, and EITM (West) the European Innovation Community in the field of manufacturing. In terms of expected project results and his impact, 1,000 SMEs will be involved in the project activities, 700 will be assessed, 90 will be supported with services from the partners and 53 will receive financial support.


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