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A Novel Handheld Ultrasound Medical Imaging Probe: Prototyping, Initial Validation and Business Development

Project description

Innovative handheld diagnostic ultrasound tool

The EU-funded LucidWave project aims to introduce a portable, low-cost, handheld ultrasound probe for medical imaging based on entirely new ultrasound technology. It will provide a powerful versatile imaging tool for bedside, point-of-care, office, and operating room diagnostics, bringing the capabilities of ultrasound imaging closer to patients. The project's main objectives include the development and delivery of 2 functional prototypes and evaluating their performance in the clinical environment, providing data for later formal clinical validation under the medical device regulations. The business plan and strategy will be developed for a future potential start-up company and the scaling-up of manufacturing.


The LucidWave Project introduces a low-cost, very capable, handheld ultrasound probe for medical imaging based on an entirely new ultrasound technology. It aims to provide a light, but powerful imaging tool to a wide range medical professionals for bed-side, point-of-care, office and operating room diagnostics. Doing so it will bring the well-known capabilities of classic ultrasound imaging closer and faster to the patient, helping not only radiologists to make better decisions, but also GP?s, nurses, veterinarians. Consequently, much time, costs and misdiagnosis will be saved for patient and physician.
The project has to following objectives: (I) Starting at TRL 4, develop and deliver 2 full functional prototypes with all parts integrated into one slim device. The capabilities will largely surpass those of current handheld devices. (II) Validate the prototype?s performance in a clinical evaluation. Together with the foundations of a Quality Management System (ISO 13485), it will provide a head start for a later formal Clinical Validation according to the new Medical Device Regulation. (III) Build an entrepreneurial and complementary team by inviting entrepreneurs-in-residence. (IV) In preparation of a start-up a complete and quantified business plan will be created, building on a solid Value Proposition Canvas (incl. user-centric design) which is developed into a Business Model Canvas.
LucidWave fits well into the EIC Transition Programme since it aims to develop a mature proof-of-concept (validated against state-of art) into a prototype ready for Clinical Validation and for scaling-up of the manufacturing. The technical part is complemented with a business strategy for a new and healthy start-up. It addresses one of the key challenges and priorities of Europe, i.e. to build a healthy society.


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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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