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Joint Industrial Data Exchange Pipeline

Project description

A boost for data sharing in industrial ecosystems

Industrial data sharing has the potential to create new products and businesses while being part of the EU reboot of industrial strategy, prioritising digitalisation and eco-friendly policies. However, although the reuse of data is a win-win situation, there’s a lack of sharing. To reverse this trend, the EU-funded JIDEP project will focus on the reuse of industrial data to support a new generation of data-driven services. Building upon the principles of Industry 4.0 the project serves as a landing place for any organisation which has any kind of data obstacle to be addressed, on its paths towards delivering more sustainable material, product, service or solution.


Currently, economies worldwide are pursuing mostly a linear model of production which leads to massive material losses, dependency on geopolitically instable states and volatile markets for primary resources. A circular economy, on the contrary, seeks to counter this approach to ?preserve the value of utilized resources and materials as long as possible, to use them as frequently as possible, and to produce as little waste as possible. European industry needs solutions to mitigate the barriers for industrial data reusability and facilitate the unlocking of value from data. Joint Industrial Data Exchange Platform is a place where industrial data is fused for interconnecting seemingly different sectors into the collaboration pipeline. It builds upon the principles of Industry 4.0 by adopting a coherent approach for the semantic communication between diverse actors aimed towards direct or indirect contribution to the EU?s climate neutrality goals of 2050. JIDEP is a landing place to any organization which has any kind of data obstacle to be addressed, on its paths towards delivering more sustainable material, product, service, or solution. Within JIDEP, built-in tools are made available for unlocking the value of the data, which can lead to the development of more sustainable solutions, technologies, and materials. JIDEP is also an optimizing continuum, covering the entire product lifecycle and steering it towards circular standards implementation at technological and regulatory levels. Finally, JIDEP is a tool equipped with resilience frameworks for growing organizational and industrial capacities to withstand supply chain disruptions in short-, medium- and long-term clauses. As such, JIDEP ingests industrial data and produces sustainability, resilience, and circularity artifacts for its participants.


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