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Perception in Action: Neural Dynamics of Sensorimotor Interactions in Touch


Self-touch is perceived as less intense than physically identical touch from an external source. Current computational theories propose that the brain predicts and dampens the sensory consequences of actions, a phenomenon referred to as sensory attenuation. When prediction mechanisms fail, it can have powerful consequences for perception, from mild perceptual disturbances to more extreme hallucinations and delusions that are characteristic of psychosis-spectrum disorders such as schizophrenia. Predicting touch is likely supported by specific patterns of brain oscillations, subserving brain connectivity, yet little is known about these mechanisms. SELF-TOUCH will use cutting-edge methods from magnetoencephalography to study oscillatory dynamics during the prediction, generation and attenuation of self-touch. The objectives are to i) reveal how the brain dynamically predicts touch during the time-course of actions, ii) to study how the brain treats violations of sensory predictions and iii) to examine these predictive mechanisms in individuals with high schizotypy. Understanding the temporal dynamics of sensory prediction could reveal how perceptual disturbances manifest in psychosis and may aid development of biomarkers for early intervention of schizophrenia. The project will result in a synergy between the applicant’s highly interdisciplinary profile and the high quality of the host institution. It will be completed at a world-leading research-led institution (Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience) within a team led by Dr. Konstantina Kilteni providing theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in sensorimotor neuroscience and sensory attenuation. The applicant brings highly complementary expertise in cognitive neuroscience, psychophysics, and neural time-series analyses. The proposed work will expand the applicant’s experience, research competencies and professional networks, enhancing the development of his career as an independent researcher.


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