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Business-driven systemic solutions for sustainable plastic packaging reuse schemes in mass market applications

Project description

Reusable plastic packaging for a green future

Many countries and institutions around the world have identified circular economies as a key tool to combat climate change. In the same context, there is an urgent need to adopt more planet-friendly business models. Reusable and refillable packaging (RRP) is considered very promising, providing a fundamental shift in packaging formats. The EU-funded BUDDIE-PACK project aims to support this concept by bringing about a large-scale introduction of RRP and increasing consumers' acceptance and use of it with the help of consumer psychology. RRP will be cost-efficient, profitable for industries, clean and safe through meticulous cleaning processes. Moreover, it will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, water and virgin plastic consumption and single-use plastic production.


BUDDIE-PACK is a circular economy project aiming at implementing a systemic approach for the large-scale deployment of reusable plastic packaging (RPP) based on a multidisciplinary approach combining social, technological and economic innovations. The project will take advantage of behavioural innovation to promote consumers' acceptance of RPP by analysing drivers and analyzing consumers’psychology of reuse. Sound synergies with technological innovations will be developed to manufacture packaging fulfilling the demanding requirements of RPP based on innovative designs and recyclable materials. The project will focus on innovative cleaning solutions to guarantee the safety of consumers against the possible contamination and ageing of RPP during their repeated use, and the durability of the functional properties up to 300 cycles. Viable economic models will ensure the sustainability of the proposed solutions thanks to the profitability of stakeholderss throughout the value chain, including solutions based on social & solidarity economy models.

The project outcomes will be demonstrated under the supervision of RPP manufacturers and users, logisticians, cleaning and recycling experts through 6 mass market business cases in real environment at TRL8. An unprecedented cleaning pilot line dedicated to RPP and allowing scale economies will be set up. Policy recommendations and pre-standardisation activities on RPP designs and cleaning protocols will prepare the markets for the mass deployment of RPP. Preventive measures will be put in place to eliminate any release of microplastics during RPP use. The project will avoid each year the production of nearly 544M of single-use packaging, reduce the consumption of virgin plastics by 103ktons, of water by 1B to 18.5B litres, avoid 303 660ktons of CO2 emissions, 37ktons of microplastics leaking in EU seas.


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