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A touch of Blue in the EU Research Nights for a more Sustainable Use of the Ocean

Project description

Connecting with the ocean

Oceans are vast, covering over 70 % of the Earth’s surface. Growing knowledge about this continuous body of salt water and the people that study it is key. The EU-funded BlueNIGHTs project seeks to help citizens better understand the many facets and faces of those working in ocean science and research. A series of interconnected EU Blue Researchers’ Nights will demonstrate that not only is the ocean interesting and a source of inspiration, but it is also a field of study for people with diverse backgrounds and interests. BlueNIGHTs will connect people to important objectives, principles and priorities of the European Green Deal that relates to the ocean, thereby encouraging Europeans to become more knowledgeable about the ocean..


The main objective of the proposal is to bring the many facets and faces of people working in ocean science & research to the
general public of Europe by organising a series of interconnected EU Blue Researchers Nights (BlueNIGHTs) to demonstrate that the
ocean can be a source of inspiration, an object of interest/study, and a field of investigation for people with very different
backgrounds, hobbies and passions, including science, history, technology, sociology, pedagogy, economics, art, design, etc.
By doing so, this collective project will:
- Bring people to key objectives, principles and priorities of the European Green Deal that relate to the ocean: delivering a healthy
and resilient ocean that can support sustainable Blue Growth and respond to Societal Priorities of Europe.
- Contribute to make European citizens Ocean Literate in line with the objectives and priorities of EU4Ocean Coalition, an initiative
supported by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE).
The project will build on the following principles:
- Collective and truly European - mobilising organisations from each EU RSAs to prepare activities and events for presenting their
own research/scientific activities.
- Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary/transdisciplinary - the partner organisations from different EU MS will represent a diversity of
disciplinary fields and research skills/experiences that are focusing on the ocean, and on the complex connections between human
activities and ocean ecosystems.
- Immersive, inclusive and interconnected - by combining: (a) an interactive and practical experiences on the spot (in each of the
partners location) building on doing, touching, gaming, trying, exploring; (b) an interactive virtual experience, by way of an
innovative virtual reality technology, that will allow the public to explore both the ocean and researchers activities by simulating real
life working conditons.


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