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Loveability as the fresh interdisciplinary approach to enrich the quality of living experiences in European cities through creative cultural spaces.


My project investigates the phenomenon of ‘loveability’ and the capacity of creative cultural spaces to facilitate it by comparing six museum-gallery-exhibition spaces in Vienna, Austria and Barcelona, Spain. Timely in addressing paradoxical impacts of rapid urbanisation and pandemic-driven urban exodus in European cities, my research aims to advance (i) loveability (which goes beyond material dimensions by prioritising minds and souls) as a design principle for spaces to support high quality living experiences and (ii) creative cultural spaces in supporting loveability to facilitate positive inner wellbeing of people living in cities. Through targeted research on aesthetics, the goal is to contribute ways of enriching living experiences in major European cities for transformational impact on science, society, and economy by producing three research outputs: Monograph, Matrix, and Handbook. Six research activities (thinking, knowing, feeling, doing, making, and sharing) bind architecture, neuroaesthetics, and human geography in my interdisciplinary 24-month project. I, Dr Mizan Rambhoros, will use existing specialisations in architectural design and theory and gain new skills in psychological/empirical aesthetics under placement supervision (Asst. Prof. Matthew Pelowski, University of Vienna, Austria) and geocreativity/creative landscapes under secondment supervision (Adj. Prof. Rosa Cerarols Ramirez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain).


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