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Prejudice: Source and propagation

Project description

An alternative approach to understanding the propagation of prejudice

Prejudice is often expressed through generalisations (or simply, generics) that ascribe overarching properties to groups. To understand the spread of such attitudes, we must learn more about the linguistic devices through which prejudice is expressed. The EU-funded PSP project will develop an alternative analysis to the standard one of taking generics to express claims about the world. The novel approach entails viewing generalisations as analogous to exclamations like ‘Ouch!’ – that is, they primarily express a speaker’s mental state rather than describe the world. The project therefore aims to specify the expressivist view of generics and show how expressivism avoids problems that arise in the standard view, and to explain the harm caused by discriminatory generics.


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€ 206 887,68
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22100 Lund

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