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A Fast Numerical Solver for Electromagnetic Compatibility Assessment of Aircrafts Made Using Nano- and Micro- Engineered Materials

Project description

Improving aerospace safety in electromagnetic environments

The operation of an electrical or electronic device can potentially disturb the operation of another nearby device. So an important part of designing modern electronics is providing immunity against electromagnetic interference. This is particularly important in aviation. Currently, the electromagnetic compatibility certification of aircraft is a process of proving the capability of the aircraft to operate satisfactorily in electromagnetic environment. In this context, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions project SolveEMCA2 will develop numerical solvers to improve measurement techniques. For instance, it will design full-wave numerical solvers using nano- and micro-engineered materials. It will also get realistic macroscopic electric and magnetic dispersive iso/anisotropic (and eventually non-linear) constitutive parameters. It will thus simulate realistic electromagnetic interference problems of a whole aircraft.


Net EU contribution
€ 165 312,96
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