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Building the First Automated Causal Discovery Platform

Project description

The first automated causal discovery software engine

Causal discovery methods are not new. They have been used to identify potential cause-effect relationships from observational data for decades. Even though they are becoming increasingly important in science and industries, they are largely inaccessible to non-experts. The EU-funded AUTOCD project proposes to create the first automated causal discovery software engine and explore its commercial exploitation. AutoCD will increase the productivity of experts and allow the application of causal discovery with minimal expertise. Such automation relies on the outcomes the CAUSALPATH ERC project. AutoCD will compare the development of the growing industry of automated machine learning (AutoML) libraries and platforms.


Net EU contribution
€ 150 000,00
University Campus Gallos
74100 Rethimno

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Ρέθυμνο Κρήτη Νησιά Αιγαίου
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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