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An INClUsive toolBox for accElerating and smartening deep renovation

Project description

Sustainable and inclusive building renovation processes

The EU construction industry, including building renovation, is facing major challenges, such as the generation of a significant amount of waste (accounting for one third of total waste), high greenhouse gas emissions and high energy consumption. To address these challenges, the EU-funded InCUBE project proposes advanced, standardised and lean integrated processes that are assisted by digital tools. The project will be based on four key pillars of innovation. These include off-site manufactured solutions (involving the use of robots and other advanced technologies), dynamic digital twins (using laser 3D scanners and drones), innovative self-renewable energy source power and storage technologies, and novel business models. InCUBE will also focus on social isolation with particular emphasis on women’s role in the construction industry.


InCUBE brings together 23 high-profile partners and two affiliated entities from 7 European countries, envisioning to unlock the EU renovation wave through cutting-edge standardized, lean integrated processes based on 4 key pillars of innovation: 1) Industrialization: Off-site manufactured solutions including the use of robots (e.g. demolition, telescopic cranes, drilling and waste sorting), so far applied only in industrial environments, offering novel services (e.g. anti-collision, area boundary, waste tracking); 2) Novel self-RES power producing and storage technologies, products and environmentally friendly materials (e.g. low GWP-refrigerant heat pumps); 3) Digitalization: Dynamic Digital Twins of both products and buildings, utilizing immersive capturing techniques (e.g. Laser 3D scanners and Drones), digitally merging innovative manufacturing processes with BIMs, and; 4) New market entrants, organized under novel business models, to allow for increased levels of collaboration and productivity. The InCUBE Suite, integrates digital tools across all 4 pillars, enables for seamless coordination of different renovation phases while leveraging data streaming from multiple interoperable sources to accommodate tenants’ comfort and render buildings active energy nodes in the synergetic energy networks paradigm of the future. Solutions will be validated in 3 large-scale demo sites (19,100 m2, >600 residents) in 3 countries (IT, ES, NL), including a cultural heritage building. Key expected outcomes include among others: Reduction of waste streams and time needed on-site by >35%, renovation cost reduction by >30%, reduction of working time with hazardous activities by >50%, energy savings >6GWh/y (78%), GHG reductions >1,980 tCO2eq/y, achieving an energy performance gap between as-built and as-designed <20%, and creation of 2 RECs encompassing >2,000 users; all while accounting for social inclusion, upskilling and enhancement of women’s role in the construction industry.


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