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MUSAE: a human-centred factory for a future technological sustainable development driven by arts

Project description

Developing innovative art-tech model to stay ahead of the game.

The EU-funded MUSAE project will develop design future art-driven (DFA) methodology and (European) digital innovation hubs (DIHs) to create a so-called ‘factory model’ that offers guidelines for strategic innovation in digital technology and tackles issues faced by the food industry. Through the DFA approach, artists will anticipate future needs, critically examine them and then elicit the help of technologists to create applicable solutions. After validation, MUSAE will create a ‘factory model pack’ to be used via DIHs for various products and services. The project is seen as essential to mitigating environmental threats, maintaining people and planet wellbeing, accomplishing European sustainable development goals and sustaining competitive advantage.


The European economy's Digital Transformation (DT) is crucial for preserving and boosting international competitive advantages (Digital European Programme).
A green and sustainable transformation is a vital step for protecting the health and wellbeing of citizens from environment-related risks and impacts where digital techs are considered a critical enabler for attaining the European Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is urgent to define innovative R&D models to systematically integrate artistic collaboration in Digital Innovation Hubs to provide companies with new forms of transdisciplinary collaboration aiming to explore future scenarios for technologies application using artistic practice to anticipate innovative products and services to meet the SDGs for innovation towards a sustainable and healthy planet.
The project aims to set up the MUSAE Factory Model based on the Design Future Art-driven (DFA) method to be included in the (E)DIHs to strategically guide digital technology innovation and address future challenges in the food domain to improve people and planet wellbeing. MUSAE will build on a DFA method that merges the Design Futures method by POLIMI with Art Thinking approach by STARTS partner Gluon and UB - School of Art. The DFA will help artists envision future scenarios (5-10 years), critically reflect on them, and collaborate with technology providers to develop new technological solutions that meet the future humanity needs with a human-centred approach, opening up new markets and activities. Four technological partners will empower the approach by bringing relevant expertise in Artificial Intelligence-UB, wearables-ABACUS, robotics-PAL, human-machine-interaction-UoM.
To validate replicability, the MUSAE project will set up and activate one factory within the DIH partner (MADE) and create the Factory Model Pack that will allow other DIHs to adopt it. The project focusing on Food as Medicine includes an expert in food and wellbeing themes (UCD)


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