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Boosting Smart Regional Innovation Ecosystems

Project description

Interregional collaboration to form an EU-wide innovation ecosystem

The EU-funded BOOST project is a joint effort to expand synergies amongst leading and moderate innovators across the Union. Focusing on health & well-being, industry 4.0 green transition and ICT and digital transformation, the project seeks to use the Interregional Collaboration Framework as a multiplier of research and innovation outcomes that drive changes under the European Green Deal. The project's innovation drivers' end goal is to propose efficient collaborative tools and mechanisms, along with a 5-year Innovation Action Plan to be joinly implemented by innovation actors from the 5 regions represented in the consortium, also scalable at EU level. The project's expected contribution is the support for more innovative EU ecosystems.


Our vision is to “co-create Europe'' through a 21st century mindset, methodology, skills and tools, closing the innovation gap between “innovation leaders” and “moderate/modest innovators”. We rely on inclusion and active participation of actors, institutions and places that collaborate to maximize the value of innovation to society and ensure equitable diffusion of its benefits. BOOST project proposes a systemic approach, both inclusive and collaborative, to strengthen innovation ecosystems in Europe.
The main aim of BOOST project is to increase the scope and efficiency of interregional collaboration among project partners and their regional innovation ecosystems, in the following thematic areas: Industry 4.0 Cleantech and Green Transition, Health & Well-being, and ICT & Digital Transformation, by designing a structural (multi-dimensional) Interregional Collaboration Framework (ICF), develop tools and mechanisms that enable and support the operationalization and scale up of the ICF among Smart Regions, and contribute to the transition towards Green and Digital Regional development models and policies in Europe.
BOOST proposes a two-phase implementation process: (1) first the co-design and co-development of project’s core concepts: Vision, mission, ICF and Unique Selling Proposition, and initiating the BOOST community and collaboration Corridor; and (2) second to set up and mature the ICF among Smart Regions by developing a joint 5-year Innovation Action Plan, aligned with regional/national/EU innovation policies and synchronized with innovation funding mechanisms across partner regions and EU.
The consortium brings together 4 partners (TIT, NWRDA, BBF and CLDI) from 3 modest and moderate innovator countries Bulgaria, Romania, and Spain, and 2 partners (VK and TSP) from 2 lead innovator countries Denmark and Estonia, enhancing exchange of innovation and boost best practices at the level of public and private stakeholders.



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