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Learning, sharing and co-design in innovation procurement between innovation suppliers and buyers

Project description

Fast track to innovation procurement, connecting organisations with innovative SMEs

The adoption of innovative practices by big buyers enables better and more efficient service delivery to citizens and customers. In this context, the EU-funded InnoBuyer project will implement a demand-driven methodology supporting big organisations (Challengers). The aim is to help them identify their unmet innovation needs and connect with innovative SMEs (Solvers), notably SMEs supported by the European Innovation Council, to jointly co-create innovative solutions. Moreover, InnoBuyer will support the organisations in preparing terms of reference to accelerate the process that will lead to concrete innovation procurement.


InnoBuyer aims to become a testing ground and benchmark towards the implementation of a demand-driven methodology that brings together procurers and innovation suppliers (notably EIC SMEs) to jointly co-create solutions to a common challenge proposed by the procurer, while also facilitating the procurer adoption and the innovation supplier commercialization of the solution.
The project will:
* Foster the development of an ecosystem to promote collaborative innovation between the best European public and private procurers and innovation suppliers (in particular, EIC projects/companies).
* Launch and validate a support programme to co-create innovation between buyers and suppliers. The programme will be demand-driven and geared to adoption by design.
* Demonstrate the increase of efficiency of EU public (but also private) services via piloting 15 innovative solutions, notably the ones from the EIC-funded projects/companies.
It will do so by executing four sequential actions:
Action 1: Recruitment and aggregation of procurers. Partners will launch a dissemination campaign to recruit unmet needs from procurers and then select the 15 best candidates. Other interested public and private procurers will be aggregated to the selected challenge so they can also acquire knowledge along the project.
Action 2: Buyer-SME matching. Partners will support buyers to launch an Open Market Consultation to receive feedback on their challenges. Then, they will recruit and award suppliers to answer to the proposed challenges.
Action 3: Pilot co-creation. Procurers and suppliers will jointly co-create solutions to the challenges. The solutions will be tested and evaluated. Suppliers will receive support towards future commercialization of their solutions.
Action 4: Terms of Reference delivery. Support the creation of ToRs in collaboration with external experts, as the base for a future tender for the solution by the procurers.



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€ 1 685 000,00
Work hub 77 camden street
D02 XE80 Lower dublin

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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