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Project description

Green graphene that’s not made from graphite

The graphene market is projected to grow worldwide. However, it faces several production issues and challenges. The potential to produce large volumes of high-quality graphene has yet to be realised. The EU-funded Green Graphene project will make graphene from biomass instead of graphite. A patent-pending process enables the production of large volumes of graphene that has high conductivity and a large specific surface area. What’s more, the graphene flakes are so thin they are transparent. The production process also does not involve the use of toxic chemicals. The project will assist to bring to market this new green graphene.


Graphene has the potential to revolutionise the technology industry, but because the graphene market has problems producing large volumes of high quality graphene, that potential has not yet been realised. We have found a new way to make graphene, from biomass. Our patent pending process allows us to produce large volumes of a graphene with properties optimised for energy storage and other applications where the electrical properties of graphene is in focus. We produce a graphene powder with flakes that are larger and thinner than most of the mass-produced graphene found on the market today. This means that our graphene has high conductivity and a large specific surface area. The thinnes of our flakes also make them transparent. We call our graphene green because it is made from a renewable raw material (instead of graphite like most other graphene) and because we use no toxic chemicals in our production process.
We have invested a lot in our thechnology, but we apply for this grant because we feel that it is time to focus again on the business side. This grant would be used to update our business model, perform an extensive market analysis including developing a pricing strategy and to do a IP strategy.


Net EU contribution
€ 75 000,00
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