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FuEl ThE bRaiN In healtThY aging and agE-relateD diseases


The worldwide population is ageing and putting our healthcare systems under pressure to cope with age-related diseases. In Europe, there is a need for innovation, knowledge and experts who can prompt significant changes to improve prevention and innovative interventional strategies to counteract altered metabolism in brain during ageing and related disorders. The priority is to ensure brain health throughout life and during ageing. Increased collaboration between academia and private sector is the required milieu to overcome this challenge.
The “FuEl ThE bRaiN In healtThY aging and agE-relateD diseases” ETERNITY will contribute to the strengthening of the European innovation capacity by training a new generation of researchers with experience and full understanding of the requirements of academia, pharmaceutical and food supplement companies, and the society.
ETERNITY research programme will focus on brain metabolism as a highly promising yet under-explored area. Given the complementary expertise, ETERNITY will have excellent opportunities to delineate different pathways underlying impaired brain metabolism to identify novel pharmaceutical targets and/or nutritional interventional strategies to counteract ageing and related disorders.
The early-stage researchers (DCs) will be trained in this environment and provided with a mind-set of future commercial and clinical utilization of their research findings. Apart from the innovative and collaborative approach of the research programme, the DCs will also be provided with a training programme where cutting-edge methodology, innovation and transferable skills are key components.
The trained DCs will have excellent intersectoral and interdisciplinary career opportunities and will, together with the ETERNITY partners, provide a solid ground to tackle one of the major societal challenges of our century: finding therapies to promote brain healthy ageing and delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.


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