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Next Generation of Trustworthy Agri-Data Management

Project description

Training the next generation of experts in agri-data management

The advent of increased data generation and higher management needs has brought about both advantages and disadvantages. While well-prepared and financially stable organisations and corporations can easily adapt to these changes, individuals and smaller organisations struggle to keep up. The EU-funded Entrust project will assist the agricultural sector with data management and collection. To do so, it plans to train 11 Doctoral researchers to become experts in agri-data management and data executives. This will provide the agricultural sector with much-needed expertise, connections and innovation, which are all crucial for staying up-to-date and adapting to modern technologies and opportunities.


ENTRUST brings together 16 leading research institutions and enterprise from 5 different countries across Europe to establish a Doctoral Network that will train a cohort of 11 Doctoral Researchers (DRs) in an intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary setting with the aim to establish a new generation of Data Executives. These graduates will have obtained a PhD and are able to take on leading roles in academia, industry or policy sector. They will be experts on agri-data governance sharing data in a fair, transparent, and trusted environment. ENTRUST demonstrate how agri-data from farmers can be made available, governed, and exploited, with benefits shared in a fair way. ENTRUST will enable DRs to excel in their future career perspectives in the intersection between computing, information systems and social science and thus, provide the DRs with enhanced career perspectives, combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set and creativity, thereby forming a new generation of Data Executives.

ENTRUST provides the foundation for doctoral training programme on agri-data governance that will set a standard on including gender dimension and sustainability aspects within PhD training. Entrust also addresses current challenges of data governance in agriculture and farming and will provide scientific results on (1) adoption factors of Data Technologies to allow farmers to unlock data potential, (2) on enhanced Data Governance practices to ensure a fair and trustworthy agri-data space and (3) on new types of innovative Business models for fair value sharing. This is combined with network training and research and outreach to maximise the project impact.

Entrust provides input in science, data governance and agricultural and many other sectors. Entrust supports the European Data Strategy foreseeing European Data Spaces as the key instrument to democratize the access to data and unlock its full value, in particular for the agri-food sector.

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