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2PS - Prevent & Protect Through Support

Project description

A new approach to fighting child sexual abuse and exploitation

Despite ongoing efforts, child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) is a considerable concern in Europe and worldwide. No child deserves abuse, but, unfortunately, many are exposed to horrific experiences and trauma that can last a lifetime. Preventing abuse before it occurs is the ultimate goal, and prevention is part of a holistic strategy to counter all forms of CSAE. Prevent and Protect Through Support (2PS) is an EU-funded 3-year project committed to raising awareness about the importance of preventative actions and increasing access to support services and therapy to help deter people who fear they might offend against children. Beyond this, 2PS provides training materials and knowledge exchange to sustain good practices and increase the capabilities of law enforcement and frontline staff.


The European Commission’s latest strategy for fighting child sexual abuse highlights a harsh reality that, globally, we are ‘losing the battle’ against online child sexual abuse and exploitation (OCSEA). Various projects funded through the EU are working diligently to identify the source of CSAM on both the Clearnet and Darknet and are establishing stronger awareness of the needs and requirements of LEAs to fight the overloading volume of images, text, media files, etc. However, the IOCTA 2021 report also brings a chilling honesty that the prevalence of materials shows no sign of slowing or stabilising. The adage that prevention is better than the cure never seemed more fitting. The 2PS project condemns all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation – and there are no excuses that justify behaviours and actions that harm or victimise children. However, to reduce the number of abused children and those at risk of exploitation, we need to address various challenges. Several of those relate to people with a sexual interest in children and their needs to divert them from abusing.
2PS, which stands for Prevent & Protect Through Support is a highly innovative action offering a paradigm shift in the approach to tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) across Europe. The highly qualified and diverse consortium – together with leading global actors – are committed to laying the foundations for new coherent modus operandi that complement the reactive approaches currently favoured. This is achieved by addressing the support needs of people with a sexual interest in children and people who feel they might offend. We will share the best practices for guidance, therapy and treatment methods – combined with new training and awareness for frontline support workers and LEAs. We aim to move preventive actions to the forefront, offering alternative courses of action to existing offenders and people who fear they might offend– including people with a sexual interest in children.


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