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FOstering Nitrogen Deposition Assessment over Portugal

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Enhancing Portugal’s knowledge, expertise and reputation in nitrogen science

Nitrogen deposition threatens Portugal’s ecosystems. According to current assessments, there is no improvement ahead, despite the major emission reductions planned until 2030. These ecosystems remain at risk because research and policy support capacity are lacking. Through strategic research partnerships, the EU-funded FONDA project aims to boost the University of Aveiro’s expertise in modelling and mapping reactive nitrogen compounds’ emissions, transport, transformation and deposition. Innovative education and advanced training programmes will foster a new generation of researchers. In addition, a sustainable innovation framework will enable long-term, strategic collaboration. The University of Aveiro will ultimately become a leader in the air quality modelling field.


The Portuguese ecThe Portuguese ecosystems belong to the most nitrogen (N) sensitive in the world and are being threatened by N deposition. Current assessments indicate that the scenario’s compliant to the National Emissions Ceiling (NEC) Directive show that this situation is not about to change even with the significant emission reductions planned until 2030 in Europe. Hence, the Portuguese ecosystems remain at risk, but current research and policy support capacity are lacking.

FONDA twinning proposal aims to further develop the expertise of University of Aveiro (UAVR, Portugal) in the field of modelling & mapping the emissions, transport, transformation and deposition of reactive nitrogen (Nr) compounds, through a strategic research partnership with TNO (the Netherlands) and the Free University of Berlin (FUB, Germany) - moving towards a highly productive scientific research group. Understanding the budget of N species is of great importance to better understand the interactions/feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry, biodiversity and climate change. The two internationally leading groups are complementary in their orientation towards fundamental science and education (FUB) and applied science and policy support (TNO). Together, they are responsible for the N deposition mapping for Germany and the innovation therein. The key role of UAVR will be to coordinate this consortium of excellence in the air quality modelling field, while developing and increasing its knowledge, expertise and reputation on N science.

Besides the strength of UAVR excellence in the field of air quality by building a national capacity and infrastructure to independently quantify nation-wide N deposition; FONDA aims to train a new generation of highly skilled researchers by offering innovative education and advanced training programs for researchers in their early career stages & develop an innovation framework that is sustainable and allows for strategic collaboration after the project.


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