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Scientific excellence in Nano-CATalysis at the Heyrovský Institute

Project description

Boosting nanocatalysis research in Czechia

Nanocatalysis, or using nanoparticles to catalyse reactions, is a promising area of chemical research. The EU-funded NanoCAT project will move this technology forward by establishing a consortium between the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry (HIPC) in Czechia, Ulm University and the Vienna University of Technology. This network will combine knowledge on nanocatalysis, synthesis, surface science and electrochemistry. It will also drive joint research initiatives, encourage scientific exchanges between early stage researchers and encourage the integration of the HIPC within the European Research Area. The project will create a European office at the HIPC and support community-building events such as opening and concluding an international conference in nanocatalysis.


The overall aim of the NanoCAT project is to boost scientific excellence in Nanocatalysis at J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry (HIPC) by creating a consortium network with outstanding research institutions, University Ulm and Vienna University of Technology. The consortium benefits from and fully utilizes complementary competencies, both at the scientific and management level. The partner institutions participate in joint research projects in the progressive field of physical chemistry, namely Nanocatalysis, bringing together all expertise and approaches instrumental to achieving the scientific objectives, by uniquely combining nanocatalysis, synthesis, surface science, and electrochemistry, from experiment to theory. Collaboration with respected experts enhances the visibility of HIPC in the European context, builds further scientific links, and fosters the HIPC integration into European Research Area. Aselfstanding activity is the creation of a European office at HIPC. The project structure comprises scientific exchanges of research staff, empowering the performance of nanocatalysis science; scientific exchanges of early-stage researchers (ESRs) supporting equal opportunities and gender balance; organization of community-building events such as opening and concluding international conference in Nanocatalysis, reaching better visibility and increasing the profile of all partner institutions, as well as organizing summer schools, with ESRs presenting their scientific achievements and gaining additional communication and soft skills; dissemination and communication to target audience; and project management structure guaranteeing smooth project implementation. The project dedicates a specific attention to ESR from the coordinator institution, reflecting young researchers' needs and encouraging ambitious, challenging, and international collaborative spirit.


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