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Standardized Approaches to Modelling and Examination of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Project description

Strengthening neuroscience research in Poland

Neuropsychiatric diseases affect nearly one third of the European adult population. Existing therapies are largely suboptimal as we lack understanding of disease mechanisms, clearly underscoring the need for novel solutions. The scope of the EU-funded SAME-NeuroID is to support the research capacity of the Life Science and Biotechnology Centre (LS&BC) of the Łukasiewicz-PORT institute in Wrocław in Poland. The project constitutes a partnership with neuroscience centres in France (Paris Brain Institute), Germany (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry), and the Netherlands (Erasmus University Medical Center), which will share knowledge and technology and undertake staff training. Collectively, these activities will render Łukasiewicz-PORT a neuroscience hub of excellence, increasing its future research prospects and international visibility.


Ł-PORT in Wrocław is a young government institution that conducts cutting-edge research and promotes the commercialisation of scientific discoveries. The aim of the Twinning project is to place the Life Science and Biotechnology Centre (LS&BC) of Ł-PORT in an international network of European biomedical research. This will be achieved by intensifying collaboration with leading neuroscience centres from France, Germany and the Netherlands. The scientific focus of this initiative stems from the shared vision of the consortium partners to develop new solutions for neuropsychiatric diseases. It is estimated that 27% of the EU adult population suffers from at least one mental disorder. These statistics are largely due to inadequate understanding of the biological basis of the disease, leading to suboptimal therapies. Recent studies have discovered numerous genetic risk factors for mental disorders. The next step is to investigate their contribution to disease-related phenotypes using Standardized Approaches to Modelling and Examination of Neuropsychiatric Disorders. The SAME-NeuroID aims to adopt in Ł-PORT the methods developed in the partner laboratories, in order to achieve a consistent experimental workflow to facilitate the discovery and validation of new therapies. Consortium partners will support the LS&BC in boosting the technical skills and management excellence, while educational resources will be utilized to accelerate the formation of the next generation of well-trained scientists. Interdisciplinary activities will be organized to disseminate the unified toolbox and cross-pollinate the existing academic and commercial environments. A comprehensive communication campaign for promoting our results among stakeholders will increase the competitiveness and visibility of Ł-PORT in the international research community. Collectively, the SAME-NeuroID will be a true milestone for positioning LS&BCŁ-PORT as a new hub of excellence for neuroscience in the ERA landscape.



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